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Porulaca 250g

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Portulaca has many names such as Farfahina, Bakleh, and stupid bakleh because it grows in the water springs which puts it at risk of being carried away with the flow of water, and the blessed bakleh for its nutritional benefits.

Porulaca 250g

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Product Description

Yummy salads can be made using portulaca by mixing it with avocado and cherry tomatoes and vinaigrette dressing. It can also be cooked with tomato and minced meat which makes this plate rich in vitamins and proteins.
Portulaca is good in preventing mouth diseases by mixing the portulaca juice with honey then gurgling it.
Portulaca is said to prevent migraine, vomiting, toothache, and eating a lot of it stops the appetite.
It is a main ingredient on the table as it contains a high level of vitamin C.
Modern medicine says that portulaca is very good for the stomach and the urinary tract.
It is also used as a paste to some skin diseases, and it is preferable not to use it during pregnancy.

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