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Free Shipping on orders over 10JD is a company in the business of delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to your home for free. Of course not any fruits and vegetables, only sends out only class “A” premium quality.

In addition to the regular high quality fresh fruits and vegetables, there is also the organic produce that is brought in from 100% certified organic farms, and gradually we’ll be adding more products which will fulfill your shopping experience and make it even more convenient, much easier and saves you money.

If you follow-up on website you will notice that we always have special offers that you can always make use of.

There is also the fruit baskets section which is becoming very popular, where we arrange baskets of cleansed and sanitized, ready to be eaten fruits to be presented in different occasions. Baskets are customized according to our customer’s liking regarding the kinds of fruits, the budget and whether our customer would like to add chocolate, dried fruits, dates, nuts or a bottle of juice.

Our team

is a dedicated professional team focusing on creating a differential advantage to our customers by providing exceptional delivery services.

When we say "professional", we mean it.